i lost my faith a little bit today..

in humanity.

a patron comes in. super regular nice awesome family.

kids are kids however.

5 1/2 year old melts down. hard. boneless. sobbing. the works.

(noted: she has a 14 month old and 9 year old with her too; including books to check out and a stroller to deal with).

patrons on the internet 10 feet away flip out. FLIP. OUT.

so much so that this poor mother is not only subjected to a man coming all the way out from the internet cave to my desk to loudly complain 'HOW MUCH LONGER DO WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS???' to 5 min later having a lady *herself* verbally confront and yell at the mom in telling her to "LEAVE. NOW. Take him home!". only to have added people at other terminals echo out loud 'yeah! we've had enough!' (really people?? REALLY??)

yeah, that makes the situation better on all fronts. (and like the mom wasn't trying to do that with above mentioned things she had to wrestle with).

i totally defended (she's doing the best she can! this is a public place...) and tried to physically help the mom out. the lack of humanity i witnessed from the mean people made me so frustrated at how soul-less and heartless some people are.

thankfully i believe there to be less of them than the good eggs.

not surprisingly it's full moon in 2 days. may they crawl back under their crabby rocks anytime now...

there are some days...

the tequila, mix, salt & lime can't hit the glass fast enough.


was one of those days....

not used to the 'norm'...

this whole one job thing.

on one hand? it's great!

on the other? it sucks. not just the lack of money. i miss seeing my other work friends. working with grown ups. serving people. having my boss teach me how to make a latte. the *right* way. feeling challenged. learning new beers. foods. everything.

so gail? i am really lost today. this is the first weekend since the fire that i have a 3 day weekend with no library work, and no blackbird. no meetings about fundraisers. no happy hours. and i'm a little lost.

so i cleaned the house. had lunch with mark at a fantastic cuban joint in mpls. we haven't really seen each other in a full week. his schedule has been all kinds of dysfunctional lately...

on the flip side, the year long planned trip with my other gail (bff of 30 years) to florida in may is booked! woot!

happy weekend, whatever may come your way...

melting time and mud...

minnesota is officially in the downslide of winter.

the back yard has lost about 6 inches or more of snowpack in the past week.

swamp season (where the yard is just one soupy disgusting mess) is upon us.

which means it's time to walk the dog again. just one. cora lived for walks. quinn really doesn't care one way or the other. he's happy to go on a walk, but cora *lived* for that. as it gets warmer, the folks who's houses we passed every morning will start asking where the other one is. :(

library construction is on track, and i hope to scoot in in the coming weeks to see the new digs. the last time i saw it was about 2 months ago. so much has happened in the interior since then...

aiming for a july 10 huge grand opening soiree...and may 22nd is the Book It! Library 5K. i hope all of my local folks can take part! it's family friendly and it gives the public a sneak peek of the new building if they take part :)

running season has started, which is good as i took to eating too many donuts and sweets over the winter and officially have some pants i can't fit into :( damn.

still bummed that i have no 2nd job, but at the same time, i'm rather enjoying the life of just one job, and one big time hobby that takes up much time in itself. if i can do without a 2nd job til blackbird reopens (i definitely want to go back..but it's way too early to see when that might be), then i'll have to scrimp even more in budget and just figure out how to get by. quite honestly? i don't want to start over at a new place. working only 1 or 2 shifts a week makes it very hard to fit into a small restaurant, so i'm hoping the bird reopens sooner than later. we'll see. they were well insured, but there's a ton of paperwork and procedures and decisions the owners have to make before i'll have any sense (or for that matter, they too) before we know what's what and when they'll be cooking for their fans again.

right now, i have many responsibilities to take care of winding up the final 2 months in our temporary library home, and ordering a bunch of shiny happy books for the new digs.

life moves on. just a bumpy road sometimes...

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