2 weeks from now...

it's camping time!!

planning with the set of friends we're heading to ely with tomorrow night.

this week it's time to try and set up that $30 (originally $200) screen tent I got at REI at their scratch n dent sale on new years day. i know it has a small hole. fixable. but it's always wise to do a test run of the tent set up before heading out to the wilds (yo ally, this was not a slam atcha. honest. you are queen of adventure :) but mostly i just want to see what it looks like set up..

i heart camping.

here's to the summer's adventures ahead...

sunday night. 7-9pm...


the first time ALL WEEKEND i have gotten to sit down and do NOTHING.

true story.

i love to be busy. i strive to get schtuff done.

this weekend was a ton of working, running, running around, erranding, planting, seeing a musical and biking my keester off today. 41.5 miles off. only counting because the 150 mile 2 day ride is just over a month away...

i swallowed dinner in about 10 bites total tonight.

and i can't believe i'm looking forward to going to work for 3 days this week as *rest*. i'll shelve or put carts in order or check in and help patrons like a worker bee. but most of it? will feel like a break from the training season i am fully submerged in...not complaining. really. just striving for some kind of balance..

4 days til i get a REAL vacation to florida with ms. gail. can. not. wait. the last time we took a girls only trip?


now to pray the oil stays away from the florida coast near ft myers :( such a horrendously sad story...

have a great first week of may.

happy 33rd birthday to my little bro, the firefighter in bensonville, IL...


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