it's almost time....

it's twin cities marathon weekend!

i drove down summit tonight and saw all of the barricades and the signs that said 'road closed sunday october 4 6:30-2:00pm' and i thought 'bring it on!'.

mark had a concert tonight and one of the singers said 'are you running on sunday?'

me: yes, the 10 mile

she: oh, so you're part of the reason i can't get anywhere on sunday.

me: give us ONE day, babe. (my exact words said in my jd way of course)

TC weekend is a big deal to about 12,000 runners and 200,000 spectators. so am i getting excited? yes! and boy do i need some good vibes and karma going on...

so here we go...7:05 gun on Sunday morning. I'll be done before 9am. (SOOOOO not like a marathon...) and it's not supposed to rain (fingers crossed! it did last year and the year before that was a hellish heat bath with people dropping over left and right.)

next weekend is my 2nd marathon of the year in ashland, wisconsin.

and NYC? 4 weeks from Sunday. FOUR. wow, this is all getting so real and overwhelming...

so i will continue to bury myself in work and do my best to not worry. (HA!) both are what i do best.


Jeremi said...
October 3, 2009 at 7:05 AM

Will be thinking of you Jen!!
Hoping for perfect running weather : )

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