you never know...

when the 'last' of something might happen until it's over.

today was that day.

i last went to work at blackbird on tuesday night. it was a veeeeeery slow evening tending bar with laura and anathea. left around 8pm. took my spicy peanut noodles to go, and had a night at home watching more olympics coverage.

monday, the library was closed. i worked my first (and for now, last) lunch shift. the same shift that crossed over today's tragic events.

today at 2pm i went to lunch from libraryland with a friend. left my cell at work. (unknowingly).

came back 45 min later to find 2 people looking for me with urgent messages.

my blackbird cafe was on fire.

tonight? it's a total loss.

the staff, most of them, gathered at another local mpls restaurant to mourn. and memorize (yes, i made that up). and be together.

i'm not sure what my next gig will be while the owners consider and hopefully do rebuild, but right now the numbness and surreal fact that i will never walk into blackbird again like i knew it is going to take time to grieve.

no one was hurt. everyone's okay. and things can be rebuilt. but it's still sucky to know my friends are out of jobs (their ONLY jobs) and everything they put into their little amazing hole in the wall is gone.

for now.


Marathon Maritza said...
February 23, 2010 at 1:55 PM

Oh no! I'm so glad everyone is ok. As you said, things can be rebuilt, but it's always a good reminder to cherish what we've got since you never know...

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