getting it done...

so in 2 weeks, i'll be here.

and i'm not blogging this to rub in that i'm going somewhere warm & sandy. scout's honor!
i wish i could find someone(s) else to go with me! much as it'll be great to visit with Gram, i really would love to hike and adventure a bit with folks 'my age' too :( so i'm honestly not quite sure what i'll do there a lot of the time, but i plan to find somethin'! (as i don't sit still too swell)

in the course of staying on maui, i'll run some. surprise surprise, i know. but it's pretty cool to me to be able to collect running medals from all over the place if the opportunity is there :) kinda like my camping friend Kelly & her kids trying to camp in all 50 states..and they've been to more than half at this point I believe!

so the first maui oceanfront marathon & half marathon runs on january 25.

i'm not exactly ready. my longest run to date in the past 3 weeks is 7 miles.

i am running 10 miles tomorrow morning, and 10 the saturday after that.

and then it's game time.

so to get me through 13.1 miles all by my lonesome (I'm pretty sure Gram won't be at the race...can't imagine she wants to go) i have created a list of 13 people who mean a ton to me and i am dedicating each mile of the race to those individuals. some are my runners. some are family. some are other vip's in my life. so i am glad that i can dedicate one mile at a time through a whole race to those peeps...

how i'm going to remember who is what mile i haven't figured out yet. i am going to take my camera on the run just cuz, so maybe i'll tape a little list to that or write the names on my arm :) that would work too...

other than that, still waiting for libraryland big wigs to get the lease all signed for our temporary space. we hope to close up april 1 and reopen may 1 in the new spot for just over a year. our main building is going up and out a bit and we'll be big and brighter and shinier and better. but there will be a lot of growing pains in the middle i anticipate. but it will never be boring, which is always good.

so off i go now...i'm behind in a few things to start my day off. stay warm to those in the cold and put on your sunscreen to those in the warmth....~jd


Marathon Maritza said...
January 9, 2009 at 6:32 PM

Wow, what an awesome race!! I'm so jealous!

You can totally do it! The mile dedications are a wonderful and meaningful idea....go you!

~K said...
January 11, 2009 at 8:27 AM

I wish ... we're not quite to the halfway point yet ... the kids have camped in 17 states (I've camped in 18) ... and 2009 isn't looking so good for adding another state (or two) .... darn economy

and hawaii??? well, they're just going to have to get there on their own. (me too)


Carolnb said...
January 13, 2009 at 3:10 PM

good luck on running in every state

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