what i did in 2008...

(outside of workin' many hours and traveling unrelated to running...)

i ran like i didn't know i could.

in my first 'real' season as part of a running team, i earned 5 medals (there are 6 in the picture...one was for dragon boat paddling, 2nd place! and hey it's still a race, and still a medal :)

i ran in 12 races. from 5K to my first, second and third half marathons.

with a dozen amazing women on my team.

i just unearthed my pile of race bibs tonight and was curious how many races i had run since i picked this sport up in january 2006.

overall i've run 23 races total in my career so far.

11 of those were in 2006 and 2007 *combined*.

clearly 2008 was it's own creature and boy did i find a calling...without even realizing how i'd take to the sport. i never knew i had it in me.

so in 2009. my first big race is january 25th, on the island of maui.

then in april i go to DC to a) see my best friend gail & family and b) to run a 10 mile race.

and as i've declared, and sat down with the coach and the CJ at breakfast today to plan it all out, i will be a marathoner as of june.

and i started an official tally of how many miles i run this entire year. something i've never really kept track of.

today was 7 and it was one of my best workouts, especially alone, EVER.

the next posting will return to the regularly scheduled program sans running....

work has a major upcoming change happenin. it's going to be a very interesting next 14 months in library land...

happy new year to everyone near and far! ~jd


Carolnb said...
January 3, 2009 at 1:12 PM

Good luck in Maui

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