time for some more favs...

*good* cooking, quality food, local businesses = happy me. I love supporting the little guy. And I've grown to love Top Chef based on it being a) addicting reality TV, b) my working in a small upscale restaurant for almost 5 years, and c) learning a ton about food and how that plays into TV shows such as Top Chef. I've worked with many chefs, and it's amazing the passion that this field of work has. And it's *tough*. Try going into a job where you are expected to please every single person every day with every thing you make and serve. I also give much credit to my hubby for introducing me to an entire world of food, both upscale and completely mac and cheese-downscale, since meeting him 11 years ago. folks seem to think all we do is eat shi-shi hoity toity stuff all the time. SOOO not the truth. Come scope our cabinets and fridge. the farthest thing from hoity toity let me tell you.

*Izzy's Ice Cream. DA BOMB. If you live anywhere in St Paul, you must go. MUST. I ran an 8K race 2 weeks ago. First stop after the race? Thought about Jamba Juice. Then meandered to Izzy's for a pint of homemade goodness (Mexican Chocolate Fiesta baby! Ole!) for that week. I can NOT recommend this place enough. And for you Foodies, Bobby Flay took on one of the Izzy's owners about 2 years ago in a Throwdown! No lie.

*Ursula's. My 2nd job. Sadly I think I will always have a 2nd job. I have for almost 17 years. But this place has taught me much about food and wine, and I have come to know and love many of my regular customers. So for those that think White Bear Lake is sooooooo far away, pishaw. It's not. It's about 20 minutes from St Paul, 30 from Mpls. Come see me and eat some great food. And of course drink some good wine. On the budget, or if you've won Powerball, we do have a reserve list with bottles that number in the $300 price range. :) Me? I'm a solid $30 or less a bottle girl ;) I *am* a county employee after all. Don't get me wrong. I love my job. But I'm by no means wealthy....hence the 2 jobs. and I have gotten to work with one of the most amazing people on the planet for 5 years now...the one and only Sara Jones...this girl can paint, has a rock solid work ethic, & can find the fun in life like almost no other. Oh, and she's married to a bonified chef at a very well known spot in the Cities...

So support those little local businesses and keep them busy :) Need more info? Click the icons above, folks. I'm here to help spread the word...~jd


Mrs. Jones said...
April 1, 2008 at 11:18 PM

UR pretty fab too my friend! Awesome blog babe! Mrs. Jones

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