new things...

here's ellie showing off our new kitchen floor. in the upper left corner is a tiny splice of what the new carpet looks like but clearly you can't get much of a feel for it from this pic. But believe me, it's so so so much better than the cream colored stuff we had before, and the kitchen flooring came out awesome too! the old kitchen floor was kinda a brown faux brick vinyl sheet. with lots of dings and wear and just not pretty. new stuff is supposed to be indestructible and looks like slate. it worked out super slick ~ come see!! (i swear i didn't plant ellie. she was just there. she's always around...we call her our 'third' dog...very social, very loyal, very loving. 3 of my favorite traits :)

last night i learned a new thing. mark taught me how to make home-made pasta. see, i'm hosting a pasta feed on thursday night for about 10 cool ass runners as we are all running the Fargo Half Marathon on Saturday. So dh said 'sure i'll cook for the party but you must help me make pasta'. no prob. making pasta from hand is a lot like playing with play doh. :) except that of course eating real pasta vs play doh is a no brainer ;) rolling the dough through the machine was very fun, and it only took a few 'mistakes' on the dial of how flat to make the pasta before i learned 'don't do that! remember to move the dial!' mark prefer's these machines. imperia made in italy of course. eBay is an awesome scouting ground for them. he finds em for about $15 new and ends up giving them as presents to folks who want to learn how to make pasta. and he loves to give lessons. i was a pretty good student (except that i get a little mouthy and a little ADD at times ;)

so we made lots and lots of spaghetti and i look forward to learning more cooking stuff as time goes on. it's always been something i've wanted to take real classes for. that and ballroom dancing. right now, there's just no time or extra $ between running and working 2 jobs and really trying to have friend & spouse time once in a while too.

and yesterday's geek moment was me buying the newest running toy that i saved up for months to purchase. i surprisingly ended up getting it for almost half price :) LOVE THAT! thanks claudia!! the one & only garmin 405...i can now pace myself, run against a virtual partner, know how far i ran, know my heart rate, and a ton of other things all in one watch. that works a lot like an iPod (the face ring is a bezel that scrolls through options like an iPod wheel. no, the watch itself is not an MP3. I'm sure that's not that far away....probably in the Garmin 505 down the line...) so far it's rockin' my world. running *and* technology?!? 2 of my great hobbies in one :)

so there's all kinds of new things in jd's world. small as it may be :) happy post mother's day to all my friends who are all awesome moms! ~jd


Carolnb said...
May 13, 2008 at 10:24 AM

Using a pasta machine, fancy. I do it the old fashioned was roll out the dough, and cut it with a knife or a pizza cutter to speed it. I still like making the manacotti noodles best (crepes).

LibraryLady said...
May 13, 2008 at 5:34 PM

My d b-i-l made homemade pasta for in soup for the sliding party in Hudson this January. It's amazing how much better tasting the homemade pasta is than dry store-bought ...

Run fast! Do well! Enjoy the weekend.


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