one second....

one mile. one. not thirteen like 5 days ago. not 13.1 like a week from Saturday. one.

and being this was my first TC 1 Mile, any time i ran would be an automatic PR. for you non-running-folk, that would be Personal Record. I did have a goal in mind, but didn't know how it would go.

i made my goal. by one second. 8:29. Eight minutes, 29 seconds. My goal was 8:30. my high school gym teacher would be proud, since i'm pretty sure i never cleared a 12:00 mile ;)

life is good. i'm feeling ready for my half and running down what's usually a major bus thruway of downtown Mpls, on a cool cloudy evening, with all outside bar patrons cowbelling us crazy runners along the route, for all 8:29 was a blast.

i'm so there next year. high fives to Claudia, Kim, Kristi & Val, who ran tonight too. And a shout out to a fabulous gal named Erin who I met in line at the Biffy's. romantic, huh? hey runners know all about Biffy's before racing, and she happened to be right behind us for 20 min in line and we had good conversation. And runners are all very friendly and have clearly a lot in common so striking up conversation at events is super easy. She too will be at the Fargo & Grandma's Half marathons, just as I will be. So Erin, (who by the way found me after the race by chance and she finished in 6:31!!!!! holy smokin' runner girl!!) awesome to meet you and I hope to run into you again. results for anyone you might know that ran can be followed through the logo...

dream big, guys. anything is possible if you put your mind to it and want it bad enough. anything.



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