this rips me apart...

i just can't handle stories like this.

first i get insanely angry. and then the tears just start....these poor poor animals. i literally feel my heart breaking for them and feel sick as i read the deplorable details. and if i catch a story like this on the news with video footage i have to leave the room. i literally can't stand to see it without totally falling apart.

and the sadder thing still is this happens way more often than it ever should. the people who do this to animals should suffer the same fate. i'm sorry but that's my stance. i'm not asking anyone to agree with me.

if i ever win a gigantic amount of money, i will donate a massive portion to non-profit animal society, (i have a few that i try to donate to at least once a year like feline rescue, animal ark, greyhound pets of america, even the DNR for our wild animal kingdom), to help the critters of our world. build new shelters. give those without a voice a chance. and a decent life. i wish i could save the animal world. even more than i wish for world peace.


MissAllycat said...
May 24, 2008 at 12:13 PM

I totally hear you, girl. Animal cruelty is a huge reason why I don't eat meat...

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