a few updates...

1) taped the first part of the kare11 job swap this week. rena was very nice...very genuine. the kids who came to storytime were all 'regulars' save one mom who had come for the first time and had no idea what we were up to but she and her 10 month old were perfectly at ease. next week thursday i will arrive to work at 4:45am. 3 live teasers in the first hour between 5:30 and 6:30am, then my 'schtick' + edited footage for the series around 6:40. i have a few co-workers kidding me that they're going to show up early and watch me. i know they are joking. i sincerely want to know they are joking. in between the teasers i plan to actually work, even if it will be the one and only time i'll be in a library at those hours.

also helped teach a class about blogging on monday night to 10 of our fine citizens. i think it went well as everyone who left had set up an account. now for them to practice using blogger and navigating around their blog. an interesting new task at work...variety is good.

2) ever smashed a beer can on your head? come on. i'm sure a few of you have. or have tried.
today i decided that i'm not an iron girl yet. i'm a smashed aluminum can girl....it's been a stressful week, and i came home to burn off some energy and really start the training for my duathlon. so i hopped on the bike. biked 8 miles out and back to home. then locked up the bike and ran 2 miles. oh. my. word. that was probably the hardest physical thing i've done yet.

the first 5 minutes of running felt so drunk tired. like my legs were lead. but i pushed through it. was convinced i was running a 13 minute mile.

jorge the garmino told me when i got back that my first mile of 2.3 was a 9:32. sheesh. way faster than i thought i was running. so that was a well worth it muscle numbing workout. coach rudi and i are running 7 miles at 6:30 in the am before i head to work and then waitress tomorrow night.

2 more weeks and i have my last (for now) trip planned to the northland. not with mark. but with a girlfriend. which will be divine. and relaxing. and i'll take part in my first trail run that weekend too. the state fair starts soon. all foods unhealthy, fresh milk, lots of farm animals and millions of people. good times for 12 days every year. 2 miles from home. david and will hit it towards the end of the run....

so there's a few updates. dad & leesa, i'll call this weekend, likely sometime sunday....take care and be well...and GO TEAM USA during the Olympics starting tomorrow!


Carolnb said...
August 7, 2008 at 9:28 PM

Good luck on your race. SOunds like you had a full house at the blogging class.

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