yep, i think i'm gonna perish early....

this duathlon thing is going to do me in.

i biked to work today....all of 2.7 miles. nothin' really.

then after work i biked to the gym. another 1.8 or so. whoopee.

then i ran 6 miles in an hour. cuz it's just not running weather when it's hot.

then i biked home all of 5 miles.

i am freakin' t-i-r-e-d.

so i really think after sept 21 (which happens to be a good friend's birthday) that might just be the end of me. for reals.

not sure they award dead people medals. guess we'll see....

right now i'm a soft pliable silly putty girl. NOTHING iron about me.

ally, this post is esp for you...

what i SHOULD have done tonight instead of work myself into a putty girl is shop for a new outfit for part one of my tv taping tomorrow. well gee, look at the money i saved i guess :)

~jd who has to shower, drink lots of water, then a beer and collapse on the couch, in that order.


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