are you ready???

another sure sign of fall ~

good ol Hank, singing his modified-from-a-classic football song, and getting the nation (and a few good friends of mine) pumped up for the 39th season of Monday Night Football! how can you not get a little psyched up for games when that song is on?? that and the ABC football theme which i can hear in my head but can't really transfer to blogland without a sound bite...

And what a way to start the season....the big local rivalry bringing it to the main ESPN stage on Monday the 8th @ Lambeau. I'll abstain from which side of the border I'll root for...I have friends on both sides of that tussle...

Break out the chips, belly up to the bar (or hit the couch by the big ol' tv), & crack open a cold one....(yes, even i LOVE chips with dean's french onion dip!! or chips & salsa.. and beer! runner girl or no runner girl. i still have my 'off' nights of salty alcoholic goodness...)

i won't have my new cowboy boots in time for this weeks Monday night game but likely by next week's.....sing it Hank Jr....and to all my rowdy friends, come on over anytime ;)

heading to work on my day off. there's always too much to least it's payday ;) TGIF ~jd


Carolnb said...
September 5, 2008 at 4:40 PM

I like Hank, but can skip the football.

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