summer turns to fall....

literally in about 4 hours.

left the house this morning to head to work...jungle feel outside. hot. humid. HU-MID.

leave the library for lunch....rain has since occurred and the temp is at least 15 degrees cooler.


also, i turn the page of the calendar to start a new month of stats in my running log.

August left me with these numbers:

Miles run: 109.7
Miles biked: 22.0
Grand total: 129.7

Time it took for all of this: 21:20:17

For someone who 3 years ago had never run a mile, to me, it's amazing to see this on paper. I'm still just an average Jane. Who happened to fall into the laps of an amazingly supportive and stellar group of women at a local gym a year ago, who have helped get me over some major goals since then. More to come....thanks, sistas~ couldn't/wouldn't have done it without all ya'll...

3 more major events for me racing wise in 2008 coming up in the next 6 weeks, then it's break time for a while. that doesn't mean no running, it just means cutting back without having to start over again next January. Iron Girl Duathlon in 19 days; TC 10 on Oct 5th and Whistlestop Half Marathon on Oct 13th. yeehaw! Time to groove it back to the workplace....~jd


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