what to do at 5am?

well post a little i guess...

yesterday one of our little neighborhood breakfast spots was turned into a hollywood set....Joel & Ethan Coen (the geniuses behind Fargo and No Country For Old Men) are shooting for a few days at the Keys Cafe about 2 miles from our house. lots of 1960s cars around as I guess the film is set in '67....so that was cool to drive by a few times...

LibraryLand is good...looking forward to the time coming up in early winter when it looks likely our building will close and pack up to move to a temporary locale for a year while they build an entire upstairs onto our building. I look forward to jeans jeans jeans and good hard work. Our county board still has some big decisions to approve, and once that's done next month (we hope!) the ball really starts rolling...it's been really interesting to be part of the redesign committee and see how major projects like this take shape.

RunningWorld is going well. less than 2 weeks til the first of 3 big races this fall...the team and i have set dates for our post-races fall retreat, and it looks likely it's going to be at our friend Kim's cabin, which I have heard nothing but great things about....on a lake, brand new home, campfires outside.....heaven basically. and right after my birthday...way to ring in 35 :)

and looking forward to some harvest time this upcoming weekend....one of my favorite little local wineries hosts anybody who wants to bring in the grapes every weekend in September to come out and do so. Nan, the owner who I adore, is awesome and she gets local chefs to come and make lots of yummy food (usually big huge pots of soup and other easy to feed a crowd meals) to feed the folks who want to help a small farmer/vinter out. It's great fun and will keep me occupied while Mark is off in Paris for a week singing.

so I should try and nod off again if possible before heading to storytime in a few hours. The chill has returned to the early morning hours here in MN and we fired up the pellet stove for warmth for the first time this season just yesterday....hi to Dad & Leesa and those family far away who I don't see often enough....be well. ~Jen


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