how to train for a marathon...

step one. start running.

step two. see step one.

that's pretty much what life has been lately.

i've conquered the 15 and 16 mile distances.

this weekend it's time for a half marathon (yes another one. and one on may 9. and one on may 24. and on the other weeks? it's running 17, 19, 22 miles. is it june 20th yet?


well good. i'm not quite ready. but eating like a horse and my witching hours of waking up at 3:30 am for no reason are back :( bah humbug.

in addition to that, i've been big time nesting in the new library space that is home for a year.

my work space looks like this.

we've been very busy getting the whole new 20,000 sq foot space set up and it's looking really really nice! we open may 2nd, and i have no doubt by then we'll be spot on...

until then, it's time to relax while i'm actually sitting still...


Jeremi said...
April 23, 2009 at 6:30 AM

Ella and Zoe asked about you when we drove by the library yesterday. I taught them what 'temporary' means and then Zoe asked if you sleep there : ) Hmmmm . . . .

The new space is looking good!! Looking forward to seeing you again -- miss you and our library routine!

Won't be able to make story time on the 30th though, E and Z's 3 year doc appt.

Take care and keep amazing me with your running!!

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