3 years...

3 years ago i went here.

ceske budejovice, which is in the land of many z's, c's and j's in their language.

the czech republic.

that year we stayed in the czech republic as part of the rose ensemble tour of germany trip.

(rose is in europe again as i type...their 2nd year in legnano, just outside of milan for a 2 week early music festival of groups from all over the world...)

we stopped in this scenic town for a day jaunt, and it was beautiful, medieval and i picked up at silver bracelet for about 15 euro. simple, easy, goes with everything. it's like wonder woman but smaller and just one. okay so it's nothing like wonder woman ;) but it goes with me..

3 years later, it hasn't come off. even airport security lets me through with it (okay maybe from now on i've jinxed myself). i took it off once or twice. the last time was in february when i got this...

i started running 3 years ago.


believe...it's an easy mantra for anyone to follow...

but in 6 days, all the work, sweat, miles will result in marathon #1 for this girl.

grandma's marathon, june 20th, 2009. summer solstice june 21, 2009 (also a nice thing to be part of that same weekend~)

random thought the other day that weddings, dinner parties, even the oscars have much in common. lots of work, lots of planning, some money, and the grand event is over in a matter of HOURS. but as far as i know, all of those events are completely worth it!

so 3 years after a small trinket that meant nothing more than 'oooh, pretty!' at the time has become part of me and my adventures...here's to many more...and to this week flying by to get the deed done with some of the most amazing friends i could have with me along the way...


Jim said...
July 2, 2009 at 10:45 AM

Your Czech Pictures sure bring back the memories, Did Prague and Cesky Krumlov several years back on an Antique tour.

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