the last pictures...

wild river state park, may 23-25, 2009

from the officially drowned camera. mark took it in to national camera and once water damage happens, it's lights out.

at this point i'm still sad and now just pissed that all i had to do was put the camera in a ziploc bag and it would have likely been fine. grrrr. lesson learned the $400 hard way. here's to saving up for another kind of camera down the line...maybe a digital SLR this time. and we can try to sell off the film SLR that we bought about 7 years ago. We just never use it at this point. this little camera traveled a lot of the world with me, and i ran with it during two half marathons. so thanks for the memories lil guy...

here's some parting shots of our camping trip. apparently the card didn't drown, just the hardware.

spring on the forest floor

out walkin'

reflective and calm

trillium's close up

camp grotto

look at this peace.

24 hours later.

early into the voyage.

and after this shot? the winds really picked up, as did the waves and the fight to get back to home base.

next trip isn't for about 6 weeks. in between then it's this girl running her first marathon and mark making the 2nd annual trek to Italia for 2 weeks. so ciao for a few weeks likely. not much to report between now and those events...


Carolnb said...
June 4, 2009 at 10:40 AM

Pictures are nice, sorry to hear about your camera's demise. I lost one after 4 years due to 2 different problems that made it too expensive to fix. It's so hard to throw expensive electronics in the trash....

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