dog tired & it's only 10:30am...

but frosty here is partly why...

what's with the big snowman? (there are people on the bottom in front of him)

he lives in north saint paul, mn. he's a cultural icon out in those parts.

like they built a highway construction project *around* him.

and this morning, i ran with my homegirl claudia on this rockin' trail for ten miles.....five out, to the snowdude, and five back.

haven't run double digits since grandma's, which for no one keeping score but me, was one month ago monday.

legs are yelling at me right now but i'll stretch em and foam roll later (fancy runner jargon for massaging the muscles out on a big foam tube i roll on on the floor).

now it's time to get on with a massive list of chores for a sunday and then kick back this pm with friends, food & wine. ah, sweet summertime....



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