teaching old dogs new tricks....

just got back into town....

here's a short report from the weekend away.

found my lake.

found my fire.

found my fearless-ness (for a girl who doesn't swim i take to water sports pretty readily).

mark told me for the first time this weekend that he admires my being fearless. i had no idea he thought that of me

and became part of a team and met 19 people in one day i had never seen before. (through a fellow runner who was on the team that I *do* know) sorry that there aren't any pictures of the actual dragon boats. i blanked on that. but follow this link....did i mention we took 3rd out of 15 teams and got a medal for our efforts in 3 heats of racing?? runner girl, fire girl, paddle girl ~

this weekend i learned:
how to paddle as part of a 20 member dragon boat team.

that mark likes everything bagels with butter, never cream cheese. (i've known him 9 years and never knew this until today.)

that favorite hats maybe should have your name & phone number in them if they become left in a beautiful small town. (mark's got lost the day of the races :(

that otters close up to your canoe are just as freaking cute as on land.

and that vacations are really awesome. that's a no brainer. and now i'm off to work at one job, while still on vacation at the other. peace ~jd


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