huge challenge for me....

i am going to be an iron girl!

i am going to do my first duathlon!

run 2 miles, bike 22, run 2 more.

with women only. hear us roar!

another medal. another finish time. another first time experience.

all in bloomington mn in september.

i'm stoked.

i'm freaked.

i'm crazy engergized right now. (could be that i totally rocked out tonight in my one mile race....PR'd at 7:45!!! for me that's crazy fast....)

this event was something i first saw over 2 years ago in a local sports paper that really piqued my interest at the very start to my running adventures.

tomorrow night is the torchlight 5K. apparently we're doing a photo shoot in wedding dresses post race for a local radio station. i really have no idea why, but coach was all over the idea when the pr dept contacted our run club. so tomorrow evenin' is all about a fun run. and yet another thing to keep me going on the path i'm on with my phenomenal team...hoo-yah to an amazing day (including of course the superhero day job of being the kids storytime gal 2 times a week again..) be well...~jd


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