got ramen??

i do.

had it twice in the past week.

previously i hadn't had it in, oh, 10, 12 years???

good cheap carbs post running.

don't wanna cook?

boil water.

make ramen.

drink a post-really-hot-day beer or two.

watch an amazing movie solo while dh is working. not much else to do....(well water the parched yard at the same time)

plan your future trip to visit Gram in Maui in feb 2009.

plan to see your aunt who you haven't seen in 8 years at the same time in maui.

and blog.

highlight email of the day?

matt logelin, from the link at the right of my page about him & his daughter madeline, wrote to me today. actually answered one of his hundreds of emails per day to little old me.

i couldn't sleep last night. so i read his blog at 4am.

as i read it whenever he updates it. and by persuing a local news site for their blogs (for two reasons; one i have a news story i'm part of in a week, and two i'm co-teaching a blog class monday night and was doing a little research at 4am also) i found one local photojournalist highlighted his blog too.

so i wrote him to tell him.

and he wrote back.

wicked cool.

he has hundreds of readers all over the world. and i got a short but very nice email.

rock on matt.

peace and blogging to all. ~jd


Carolnb said...
August 1, 2008 at 12:13 PM

Ah the joys of Ramen. I used to eat it alot, until the salt overdose got to me. Let me know if you find a brand that doesn't od on salt & I'll try it again.

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