the end is near...

part of team roseville....taken with my old camera that didn't focus too swift..

just got back today from duluth.

had our last realllly long run yesterday.

which thankfully I was able to part take in. I spent friday morning in an MRI machine for a painful 45 minutes. yes, I am a bit claustrophobic, but it was dry, stuffy and after 45 min my back was really sore from just lying there and my arms fell asleep in the funeral hands-crossed-over-one's-heart position. not good.

I saw a sports doctor on Thursday. My left hip has become problematic for the past 5-6 weeks and I've been staving off going to the doctor. But as we have finished long run after long run and I've had consistent pain, I was advised by my coach and my body to just get it checked out.

worst case scenario? stress fracture in my hip/pelvis. if that *had* been the case, and I kept running, I could have really broken something and been on crutches, yada yada for well over a few months. And it would have meant no running immediately for as long as it took to heal. Which means no marathon.

Think of working on a 250 page thesis for a degree and then being told when you turn it in that 'DOH. sorry. that's the wrong requirement. No degree for you'.

Same thing. Not cool. But life goes on and I get that.

Got word on the way up to Duluth on Friday that my MRI scan was clean, no fracture, but swollen and pulled glute and hip muscles were evident. One of the elite runners I met this weekend had a special name for this, which I totally agree with. She said "we call that Hip-a-tight-ass" :) yes. that's what I have.

Doc also advises some PT with folks who specialize in runners, so I'm going to check into that in the next week.

So onward I go in this 16 week dedication to running 26.2 miles.

Saturday the plan was to run 22 miles (all but the last 4) on the actual marathon course.

it went pretty well considering it's over 4 hours of running and one is never quite sure how the body will react to such endeavors, and most runners will tell to follow a few golden and important rules.

*never ever try anything new on race day (this is NOT the day to experiment with what kinds of foods do or don't work in your stomach for 4+ hours. and always wear clothing you've worn on long runs before. otherwise you risk chafing. which is runner code for rubbed raw and bleeding. not pretty.)

*always stick with your plan. what you'll eat, at what mile, when you predict to finish, etc.

*don't go out too fast. HUGELY easier said than done. it's a palpable energy on race morning (shameless plug here. watch spirit of the marathon. it's an amazing documentary on marathoning and even if you could care less about running I think this would give you insight *and* you'd find it enjoyable to learn about why folks like me become 'statistics' in the lore of the 26.2. Check your local library. Most places own it. end of infomercial). keep your pace and finish strong.

Saturday was gorgeous. Very sunny, cool (in the upper 50s) and we saw deer, eagles, sailboats, ore boats, the Mother Lake Superior after mile 7 (the first 7 miles are pretty wooded) and my first flying squirrel (yes really! he floated in front of me and landed in a tree! it was very cool!)

My teammates Cindy, Ruth, Kristen and I staved it out for 22 long miles. We all showed some signs of our bodies saying 'what are you doing to us?' in terms of slightly upset stomachs, and my hip acted up at mile 8 and thankfully the water stop person had advil on her. after that I was okay again. (noted for race day. bring advil.)

Then last night most of the Lifetime Runners went out to whoop it up on the dance floor at a local bar. I just wasn't in the mood for that, plus I knew we'd be up early to get back today so I could work at noon, so Cindy and I took a bottle of wine, some blankets and things to read down to the lake. And we just sat and talked and watched the water and birds. Bliss.

cindy & the big water.

18 days left.

and after that?

run the big race. with ALL of our teammates present for cheering and running their races (some are doing the full, some are doing the half, some are just supporting the rest. love all of my teammates and it felt a little sad that we were missing half the 'family' of runners up there this weekend...)

and then, on june 23rd, it's time for a new goal.

like learning to swim and finding friends who can teach me paddling.

and sit my rear down for a while...if i can stand it...


Jeremi said...
June 1, 2009 at 6:39 AM

Glad to hear your MRI didn't show more damage -- take care of that 'hip-a-tight-ass' though!!

Great photos too : ) Where was the group shot taken?

Ryan said...
June 1, 2009 at 8:06 AM

If by "paddling", you mean "kayaking", then I'd be game for a few day trips. I've been promising myself to sell my boat if I don't use it this season.

I really don't want to sell my boat.

Oh, and HA! Told you you'd be fine! (end of merciless teasing).

Congrats on your 22 miles. The race will be easier than that. Promise.

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