as the saying goes...

all good things must come to an end.

i believe there is some truth to that saying in all kinds of ways.

for now, vacation is over. taking a break from packing to *shock!* blog...cuz i can.

i've been pretty melancholy the past day or so, even though i am anxions and ready to see my pets, home, bed, familiar faces, even work, and bacon again. (or a waffle would work too...with real syrup (like there is any other kind, right?)

i never knew how protein dependent for breakfast foods i was until these past two weeks occurred, hence the big want for breakfast meat. hmmmmm.... seriously, wed morning, there will be a hearty breakfast for the dietrichs before i hit work...

i can't imagine there will be much to blog about until after grandma's weekend (in which i just read an article on the duluth tribune site that if any runner is caught taking care of nature's call *outside* of a porta potty they can be banned from future races?!, most folks just don't go in the wilds for the hey of it, but whatever...) so until i have more things to talk to the keyboard about, arrivederci, be well, and thanks for reading *8-/ ~jd


Carly said...
June 17, 2008 at 7:32 PM

I enjoyed vicariously traveling through Europe with you, JD! Thanks for the great pix--can't wait to tell about the Rose Ensemble busking through Europe. See ya soon for NO PASTA!

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