ciao, bella!

update: 9:40am. just about to leave

that run at 6am? ROCKED IT. that's the word for Coach Rudi & my girls. I did almost 5 miles in about 43 minutes. just felt damn good. guess i was due for a smokin run! anyway....


gonna head out for a 3-4 mile run. stretch the legs and up the heart rate while i can, as it'll be a really solid 18-24 hours of travel to Milan, and then a short ride to our final destination of Legnano, Italy.

thankfully only 2 legs to get there. Here to Atlanta at noon, then Atlanta to Milan around 5pm today.

jet lag usually hits me hard going over, so i'm pretty much useless when we land in another country. soooo soooo tired....and i sleep for diddly on planes. combine that with ADD Girl that i am and long rides aren't my strong point, but i brought some good books (i hope) and a trusty iPod with some podcasts & tunage to get me through...

so far, all i know of where we'll be is this. and that rose is singing as part of this.

weather looks good...70s-80s, a lil rainy maybe these first few days.

lisa, i will try to make it to lake como to scout george clooney. for you *and* for me and woman-kind ~ i hear he's single again ;)

be well and i'll write more once i explore my new 'hometown' for 2 weeks....ciao! ~jd


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