good news, bad news...

good news. we're home. after 14 hours...yay!

bad news. the house sitters who we asked/paid to stay here the past few days (we had a *great* housesitter the first 10 days we were gone then had to change due to her availability) did a bad job and we came home to a mess of a house (as in dog poop mess in many places, that stacy our wonder neigbhor sadly had to tend to before we even made it in the door...) so i have spent the past 90 minutes steam cleaning 2 rooms, including the new carpet :( :( :( so sad to think the furkids didn't get the care and love they *should* have after our first housesitter left on the 13th....makes me furious and tearful at the same time. blame some of that on jet lag but not all of it...and to top it off, it really looks like Quinn *is* sick. Mark is on the way to the U of MN vets now as our's is, of course, on vacation until July we'll see what's wrong...

good news. full moon :)

bad news. first full day back is a double shift day, plus a run. and even worse it's karen's birthday, one of my amazingly fun & beautiful runner girls, and i'm going to miss her shindig at cafe latte :(

good news. i don't have to think about how to talk to people in person now that i'm back.

good news. grandma's is in 3 days!!!

and even better news? i'm running the half marathon with the amazingly kind and supportive kim...another teammate...this was a plan that just came in i didn't know about it ;)

so until after the weekend....i swear i'll lay off the blog....~a tired tired jd


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