for my runners...

runner girls!!!!, originally uploaded by jenmdietrich.

here are the two women i found running in all of northern italy this trip.

did 7 miles this morning and thankfully, got it in a)while it was quiet on the streets (love that that is apparently an international thing the world over...people sleep in a bit on sunday mornings. i love the peace and quiet and having the streets to myself without the danger of cars, etc...)

and b) got the workout in before the rain started. thank goodness for small things...

note to those who might google Garmin 405 specs...

the next garmin, the 505, should include the following things, just merely as suggestion ;)
-a flip up digital camera that comes right out of the watch somehow. i cannot tell you how many times i wanted to run with my camera this trip (and many trips actually) to take pics of my run and the places i go or things i see and even todays (sorry no apostorphe on this keyboard that i can see) digital cameras are too big to take on a run. and my cell does not have a camera (okay i really didn't think i needed one til about now..).
-an MP3. built in. without the jingly jangly white cord swishing to and fro in front of me the whole time.

so garmin fans & designing folks, the 405 product rocks and has made my tracking and documenting SO much easier, especially half way around the world from where i usually run.

but down the road, these 2 upgrades would be sweet!

still raining....not sure of todays plans. dh stayed out with norwegians til 5am. so i am not sure how much of him i will see today. off to explore on my own....jd
ps even in italy, things like the US Open and the NBA Finals are shown on cable. so go Tiger & KG!


MissAllycat said...
June 15, 2008 at 7:10 PM

If only they were wearing matching running skirts...

Then they could pass for Roseville girls. :)

~jd said...
June 16, 2008 at 6:42 PM

toe-ta-lee!! long live the running skirt!!!

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