first day....

long travel to get here, but no problems (ie delays, lost luggage, etc)...always a good thing to have travel actually go as planned!

so far i have been very mute, except for a few polite grazis here and there (can not find the apostorphe on this keyboard, so sorry!)

food had been good at the place they are feeding us as a group...buffet style but comforting. wine has been cheap but tasty (yes, yes, better than romanian wine that some of you know about!)

slept for 4 solid hours all afternoon after arriving at the hotel around 11am and then finding lunch (i was soooooo tired, almost felt drunk and passed out quick...i dont sleep on planes sadly) so i will likely be in for a rough night in terms of messed up sleep, but i am hoping some advil pm and wine will help! otherwise i have a book to read and a booklight that will hopefully allow dh to sleep...and an ipod to rock out to in the dark if need be :)

so far havent scoped out many places to run, but hear there is a park not too far. the thing is i have heard men are not really the most chivalrous here and i want to be safe so while i would rather not run alone, we will have to see what i can come up with for training. a few singers run but they have their things to do to...

so i will be back in a few days to tell of how the first real days have been adventure-wise :) i already miss my friends and pets but have another stamp in the pass-a-port ;) be well, take care and write me stories from home if you have any :) -jd


Carolnb said...
June 5, 2008 at 10:54 AM

Try getting yelled at by patron because he wanted a Russian Art Museum pass and checked out the Landscape Arboreteum. Then have him tell you it's all your fault, that he checked out the wrong pass and he has triple check everything we do, because we screw it up all the time. I didn't even check out the first pass to him. Enjoy Italy!

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