drowsy sunday....

back briefly....so very tired though. that's what i should expect however when i stay up til 1am partying like a 23 year old with fellow runners, most of whom ran 26.2 yesterday on a beautiful day in duluth....i fininshed my 2nd half marathon successfully thanks in great part to awesome coaches and my teammate kim, who saved my sanity the entire race.

and i know i've said it often, and loud. i don't have any interest in running for 5 hours. i don't have any interest in running a marathon.

something this weekend, be it the lake, the company, the team, the event, the 'magic', changed in me.

if there is *ever* a chance i'll run a marathon, it would be Grandma's. we'll see how life plays out between now and next year.....i'm still not confident or trained enough but if i found the magic pacer, like i had in Kim, i just think i might try one.

holy frijoles. i never thought i would ever say that out loud, let alone in print. but there it is....dream big i guess ;)

quinn the dog is okay. still no idea what exactly is wrong, and he's on many meds and cost a staggering amount to not have answers, but he *is* home so fingers crossed we don't have any more relapses and that he only gets better.

a few pics below to share from the fabulous but fast weekend....

titled: "eating with greatness" these are kenyan runners benson and cyprian, who we just invited to eat dinner with us. benson, in the foreground, finished *third* in the marathon and cyprian finished 9th. incredible. for those not part of running, kenyan runners are the best on the entire planet. so meeting and talking with a few up close was really inspiring. and they loved every minute of it :)

kim & duana went on a walk with me at sunset to see my lake. i can't explain how just being up there heals my soul but it does. yes i would love to move there. if they ever need a librarian and a singer/manager, i'm done here in the cities....and will hope friends will visit :) but until those odds happen (very unlikely) i'll continue to visit often...

the fantabulous allison finishing her very first marathon....i have totally taken to this girl (and a few others) since we met running this winter...she makes me laugh like no other ~ and she shares a bed very quietly when we all have to cuddle up for 2 nights in a big hotel room :)

team short bus....on the way home from an awesome running/celebrating weekend...one of our runners owns this special bus, and this took most of our team up and back to grandma's marathon weekend 2008....

next up, the TC 10 mile, the Whistlestop Half, both in October, and 3 of us are 'in' for the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN next APRIL. HOO-RAY for Nashville!!! Through random conversation i discovered i am *not* the lone country fan on our team. there are actually others :) who are willing to fly with me to TN to *run*.

damn this team makes my heart smile. thanks so much ya'll.....

time for some wine. i've earned it....~jd


KRL said...
June 22, 2008 at 11:02 PM

Congrads! I heard you did well and I'm proud of you! I'm also very glad that Quinn is healing himself, getting better, etc.

I look forward to an evening of Italy stories, pictures, D&G jeans!!!, and much wine!

ps: if you move north, I will visit - I love that lake as well...it is as close to an ocean as I'm going to get around here!

MissAllycat said...
June 22, 2008 at 11:07 PM

I clicked on the photo to enlarge, and Wow, I have electric teeth. I must say, I look awfully happy, considering I'm at mile 25.5ish. Happy to see my FAVORITE GALS EVAH!! You rock...thanks for cheering me on and always being there and for all the love and support. Yeah, I'm getting a little emotional and sappy. :) It's a weekend I'll never forget, my spoonin' sista! ;)

Carolnb said...
June 23, 2008 at 4:56 PM

I'm glad to hear Quinn is doing better and that you had fun in Duluth.

Unknown said...
February 28, 2009 at 4:57 PM

Hi JD,

Librarians that love tattoos are a rare & good thing - cool! I saw your blog listed in a Google search I did on The Country Music Marathon - best wishes on your plans to run the 1/2 marathon here in Nashville this April! I have a video called, "The Other Country Music Marathon" I made of the marathon as it passed by my house on Nashville's Music Row. I focused on the regular folks in the latter part of the "competition". I'd love it if you would check it out and leave me a comment on my site. Here's a link: http://www.douggriffinart.com/Video/NashvilleMarathon/NashvilleMarathon.html


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