be careful what you wish for...

okay i hope i don't get busted for taking that graphic.

but it really feels like how work is lately.

so first....the good news?

lots of patrons love the space.

the board president stopped in today and loved the space.

but the bad news?

the staff can't rattle off in milliseconds where things are any more.

i mean i've been able to say for 7 years that readers were in aisle 13.

now they're in aisle F? I think??

and a friendly coworker said today that they felt kinda lost while working at the kids desk.

answers to patrons 'where are these?' take a little bit longer to fire off from the brain to the tongue these days...

and after being closed a month, and only checking in items that long, there is still a *lot* on the shelves to go out, and there is very little coming back in. so far.

so for all of that time that we were barely able to breathe and were crazy busy for *years*?

this *temporary* quiet lull is just plain weird. and we're just biding our time til 'normal' returns..

have a great rest of the week.

tomorrow? i have to face a very very long day....before leaving early Friday morning! yeehaw to leaving town :)


Jeremi said...
May 7, 2009 at 6:32 AM

Ella, Zoe and I want to check out the new space, and bug you guys with lots of questions : ) Where are you located again? I know you've answered this question before (sorry), but some other people I know thought it was in a different part of town. So now I'm confused, which is nothing unusual : )
Thanks Jen.

Carolnb said...
May 7, 2009 at 10:22 AM

I keep hoping people will find us soon and check out more stuff. There is way too much on the overflow shelves.

~jd said...
May 7, 2009 at 11:50 AM

We're at 2680 Arthur St. Just off of County Road C & Fairview, behind the Twin Lakes Medical Building.

and Carol, yes, I so agree...

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