a girl loves new shoes.

pair #2 of gel nimbus 10's are on the way. (the 11s are out brand new, but my color and size apparently are no where to be found...so i'll stick with the pair i know already loves my feet..)

i found a pair from some little running store in Pennsylvania (my local store couldn't get them any longer :( sad.)

my pair were new in January prior to my Maui trip.

they? have worn out. I meant to keep super strict track of miles put on, but didn't. Looking through my workout log though, they're at about 350 miles in 6 months. so, like tires on the car, it's time for a new set :)

also? the body tends to tell the runner when the shoes are kaput. my left hip has been nagging me lately, and yes, i'm running and running and adding miles, but the shoes are super tell tale sign when some aches start that a new pair of Nimbus are needed!

hopefully they arrive before our retreat in 2 weeks. we'll run from the actual start line for Grandma's Marathon to the hotel we're staying at that weekend. 22 miles down the road. the *last* big long run before race day.

somehow, next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. My how time flies! I'm running an inaugural half marathon in Stillwater, then jumping in the car and heading to camp for 2 nights :) can't wait! running, crackling campfire, peace of the woods, hiking, time with mark, coffee from the fire in the morning? sweet goodness! more pictures then...

oh, and the 20 miler? did feel quiet compare to normal LSDs (long slow distance runs)...but we made it, we had a great day (a bit cool and super windy, but hot and humid is always worse!) and we got to see horses on the trail and bald eagles soaring and calling to each other above us. spot on.

so here's to another week done...


Jeremi said...
May 18, 2009 at 8:12 AM

I don't think I've EVER worn out a pair of tennis shoes!! I'm inspired, but not there yet!!

MIGHT try to stop by the library Friday morning, are you working?

Tony333 said...
May 20, 2009 at 6:57 AM

Huge variety of girls shoes at affordable price are available at Journeys... I already picked up on pair...

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