sometimes you feel like a nut...

sometimes you don't.

i wish i was talking choclate.

i'm talkin' about somehow i managed to run 18 miles on saturday. (some would call that crazy nutty)


i s-l-o-g-g-e-d my way through 7.3. (no nuts, no nothin' involved...)

dead legs. felt like i was running through jello or underwater.

my girls who have done marathons said 'jd. your body just did 18 two days ago. this is normal. you broke down a lot of something-or-other (micro muscles? energy? i forget what they said. that's how much i want to block this out) so give yourself a break.'

well. somehow i gotta keep chuggin' along and take it workout by workout. but MAN tonight was hard.

tomorrow? no running. lots of librarianing. and storytime is back on my new turf. bring on my toddlers :)



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