maritza's post...

because she wanted to see and she's the furthest away from those i know that read my blog now and again...and she's a fellow runner girl...her bloggage is here...she knows allycat, one of my best friends and totally sporty spice :)

so, here you go miss maritza :) (some day i hope to meet you!)

this is my latest ink.

(yes, dad, i really did that. yes, it's right there for everyone to see. somehow i think the family might think this is a little *too* forward and i await the phone to ring with some kind of commentary...and yes, i am 35 years old, but parents are still parents with opinions they'll share...)

it's to get me through, well, life, but also? my first marathon....

june 20.

i registered this week.

so in all of the miles that i'll start hammering out on the 28th (yes the 16 week training program starts one week and one day from now...) i can look at my teammates, friends, and my own wrist, and do just what it says while trying to not lose my sanity or self worth.

this week, i also got the crud (cough cough cough) and i will blame the constant use of public computers for this. :(

but despite that, here i sit tonight singin' along (loudly and a little raspily) to this:

a country classic girl.. who died too young. but had a great great set of pipes...and good lyrics (with a really young willie helpin her with a few good lyrics...) i sang some patsy at karaoke last week, so i felt like some more tonight while mark is at rehearsal.

i'm tired, sad and wanting to be better...

time for some dinner, chores and a little bit of Things for the workland...


Zoomy said...
February 19, 2009 at 7:53 PM

I LOVE that. I got a tattoo after my first marathon (and the design is such that I can add a marker for each additional marathon I run), but I really love the idea of having something visible to give you a little silent support when you hit those rough miles in the last 10k push.

Here is my's on my lower calf. I will have a small black pawprint added underneath for each race I do--my hope is to eventually have a full ankle bracelet of pawprints:

Do you have plans to have some ink done after you complete your race, too?


MissAllycat said...
February 19, 2009 at 8:58 PM

And now I'm especially glad I was there to capture photographic evidence of you new ink. I still love, love, love it!

And I love Kirsten's after the marathon? My interest has been piqued...


Marathon Maritza said...
February 20, 2009 at 9:29 PM

Ooohhhh I love it!!! How original and inspiring and! :)

And oh my gosh I can't believe I got my very own post for it's big reveal!!! HEE HEE!

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