thing 27 - twittering and tweeting...

i tawt i taw a puddy tat....

at least that's how i feel when the words 'twittering and tweeting' come up in some, *any* kind of conversation...

oh the words in this 2.0 and web crazy world.

i did what i was told and i became a twitterer...(which is something that sounds like it needs a prescription drug for use 2 times a day with food, but whatev.)

oh, and my twitter name is 'cowgirljd'. yet another name. the regular ol' jd was taken. :-{

personally? the status bar on facebook attached to a whole plethora of 'friends at your fingertips with more interesting things to read besides one line' is more my thing.

i hear twitter is addicting like FB, so time will tell.

right now?

it's fun to know one or two folks i know who 'tweet' (sheesh i can't believe that's really a THING!) but for now, i'm going to just see how this goes and say i completed this Thing. which was pretty painless. (the worst part was picking the right profile pic ;) always so hard to choose!)



Marathon Maritza said...
February 20, 2009 at 9:25 PM

I became a recent twitterer too...yes, it's addicting. I'm totally going to go look for you now!

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