thing 26...Ning...

more work stuff....

(to the family/friends outside of this Things project:
i *will* blog about normal life...but i need to do this work project for the next few months, so please bear with me...)

back to the post...

i did sign up for ning.

i had in the earlier 23 Things, but my membership must have expired as i couldn't find myself...

grudgingly, i re-signed up. in all honesty, with email, blogging, & facebook, i really don't see using ning very much, but maybe that'll change. i think i said that about blogging & facebook at one time ;)

it seems like ning is trying to be Facebook.

or was ning first?

i added a friend.

i uploaded a photo.

i replied to some posts.

and i still like facebook first and foremost.

am i missing the point? am i just in the facebook haze?

maybe...we'll see how this goes over time...


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