thing 25...aka overstimulating your blog...

so i've tried and added a few test things for this Thing...(and it took a solid amount of time to get through this Thing....woof.)

i believe in some amount of simplicity and i don't want my blog to be an overstimulating mess of icons, links, polls, games, sounds, flashes, etc. so that being said, i added only a couple of extra things that weren't previously there...i'll let others go overboard if that's their thing. it's not mine.

first, i'm not into my blog 'talking' so i perused those options, but chose not to add them...

second, i went with Outbrain as a trial. i like the star rating a little bit better than the ClickComments icons.

personally, my blog to me is meant to be individual. if people like what they read, i'd assume they'd comment. i don't really think i believe in folks 'grading' me on what i say. but i'll leave this up here for a bit and see what happens. i'm not real big on the 'suggested' readings. so far they don't really seem to have much to do with my topics...

for the mapping option, for now i'm testing out both
(where's the E?? sorry, i tend to like things spelled out. i'm not a huge proponent of shorthand) and

(all hail google products!!)

i appreciated the links to the free use photos....(do i pull stuff off the web 'unofficially' often? yes. will i not do that as much any more? yes.)
i used to have a Flickr slideshow on my's out of date now, and i'm maxed out at Flickr's 200 free uploads unless you join for $$. someday in my free time i'll delete the old stuff and upload new. except, quite honestly, posting jpgs either right into here, or onto facebook is way easier...
speaking of the proverbial , i have wasted enough time, on that site for friendliness and social networking, so while i'm sure the recommended 'friend' sites are worthwhile, i didn't spend oodles of time on them.
and with that this post at .


Carolnb said...
February 14, 2009 at 9:42 AM

Oh, my I became a follower.

Jim said...
February 17, 2009 at 11:03 AM

I agree, I have been trying to weed out the clutter on mine since the original 23 things.
I have also been giving Outbrain a try, It does come up with some weird referals to my posts.

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