thing 28...


well i like my homepage as it is.

i stuck with this blog thing after the last 23 Things, and have altered it as time has gone by.

i did add a few widgets.

my dream of being an iPhone girl is still about a year away.

so a dear friend of mine can shake hers at me with the 8 Ball app all she wants. at least i have my blog ;) (okay SOOOO not the same thing but until i can afford an iPhone and be done with Sprint, i'm stuck...)

and i added the all important first marathon countdown as my training starts in 2 days.

i drove that course over the weekend. i am REALLY going to run 26.2 miles down scenic 61 to canal park?

damn straight. if i have to crawl i'll get there.

whoops. back to the topic at hand. Work.

So those are the 2 widgets i messed around with for Thing 28. mission complete.


Carolnb said...
February 28, 2009 at 10:25 AM

I like the 8 ball

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