All the Cool Kids are Doing It....Thing 20 Facebook

alrighty, i'm a mac girl. all the way back to when I was 8 years old and was given an Apple IIE as a Christmas present. the mac folks are genius. so are their ads. And Justin Long? *hottie*. (and I've been a sucker for him since the long cancelled TV show "Ed" was on). yep, a little young for me, but meh. Not like I had a real shot anyway. And he has Drew. As in Barrymore for those that read People besides me ;) (Hi Stacy & Kelly!)

So while I usually think the world of Google, Facebook is it's own creature and appears to be the hot young stud of this popularity contest compared to MySpace (which seemed to be Homecoming King for a while (hahaha). But considering my dh and his 40-something friends, along with much younger friends as well, seem to be everywhere in Facebook, I think it appears to be "Top Dawg" lately. So this is the site I chose to sign up for.

It's crazy. I'm not sure I'm ready for this, but here I go. Finding people that I haven't seen or spoken to since high school (for anyone who cares, I graduated from John Hersey High School in 1991). Like tonight I signed up, emailed one person who came up as graduating with me that looked like a girl I've always wondered 'what happened to Michelle?' and 4 hours later I have an email from her. Crazy cool~

I do talk regularly with 3-4 friends who I know from way back in those days. All of them are out of state from me, and email has kept us in touch well. But a site like this to network with long lost friends and those of now is pretty cool (even if i continually made fun of my husband often when he first signed up' 'what are you? fourteen again??!?!' I'd say.). Words = Eaten. Point for dh. Facebook is intuitive, easy to use, doesn't ask a million questions to get you to sign up for it, and it seems like people i *never* thought I'd see on it (hi DS!!) are there~ small miracles in one website. and for the youth of today, clearly I can see how this is a huge thing for them. friends to keep tabs with, text, write on their walls, stay in contact with as they go from high school to college, and beyond....

so just do it. try it. i guarantee you'll be amazed at who you find (or who finds you). I can't compare this to MySpace as I haven't gotten to it yet. I've searched it a bit, but I do not plan to sign up. One is *plenty* for my time/brain/online habits ~ If it wasn't 10:09 on a Sunday night I'd go run. I could use it......have a great week everyone~ the finish line to this 23 Things is on the horizon, and I will do it. I'm a determined (aka stubborn or driven) girl.....~jd


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