Podcasting, baby! Thing 19

okay, well podcasting doesn't really shake your groove thang like this iPod graphic, but it can make life more entertaining on road trips, long running jaunts, or even in daily life once you find some favorites.

i do have an iPod, and generally use it for music, but when i realized that some of my favorite NPR programs were free downloads, and i could get them through either iTunes or the NPR website links, i was a happy girl :) Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me! and Car Talk are two of those favorites, but as you can gander from my linkage, there are over six hundred podcasts through NPR alone. There's got to be something out there that you would like to try or listen to for the first time. Got speakers on your computer at work? Hook up and dive into podcasting! (maybe kinda quietly tho' so as not to bug your coworkers ;)

As this Thing mentioned, it's not necessary to have an MP3 player or iPod, but it's one the big reasons podcasts are so hugely popular and out there for the world. I looked at a few of the suggested directories mentioned (Podcastalley.com, MPR, Podcast.com- i liked the format of this one the best) and all are easy to search, easy to find feeds to, and have topics for every possible thing under the sun. And speaking of sun, it's Sunday morming, and time for my favorite show on this day. The scones I made are in the oven, the coffee is brewed and now time to watch my show and read the Sunday *paper*. (nothing will ever replace the ritual of a Sunday newspaper, not even the web imho). Peace~ jd


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