intuition reigns sadness....

I was just talking with a friend last night about how I've had this weird strong death vibe the past week or so. No idea why, just something I had a gut feeling about. Morbid, I realize, but still true (one of my posts a few days ago alludes to it too).

I got home from work last night around 9:30 and had a message from a close friend of our's to call him and his wife. A close mutual friend of both of ours died last week via suicide. Talk about news that we weren't expecting. No note. No reason that we knew anything was wrong. And of course the 'what if's' are strong right now, but my feeling is that if this friend had that much sadness or sickness in his life that he couldn't face going on, I hope he's in a better place. I only wish I had had the chance to savor the time we were together as a group of friends to know that that was to be the last time we'd all be together in this life. You just never know when that last time will of life's great mysteries.

Sorry for the sad post, but I wanted to honor the memory of my friend, while keeping his name private at the same time. He was a wonderful person with a fantastic laugh and will be greatly is short. Savor the time with your friends and loved ones while you have it. peace ~jd


Jim said...
April 10, 2008 at 1:57 PM

Great Blog! Congrats on completing the project. I have been following your blog as I have been working through the 23 things myself.

The coincidence of this post however really grabbed me.

Its approaching 2 years when I found my girlfriends son after he commited suicide. On April 1 one of his best friends committed suicide.

I am sorry about your friends loss.
It's so hard to understand how someone with so many friends can be so alone inside.

~jd said...
April 10, 2008 at 2:58 PM

Jim, if you happen to stop back, thanks for the post. All of it. But esp the words about losing a friend to suicide. Amazing how not even knowing you, the worsd are still a great comfort.

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